5 Nutrient-Dense, Plant-Powered Keto Snacks Leading Health Experts Swear By

5 Nutrient-Dense, Plant-Powered Keto Snacks Leading Health Experts Swear By

When you’re on a keto diet, it’s easy to fall into the trap of only eating animal protein, dairy, and other high-fat foods, in order to ‘avoid the carbs’ that come with vegetables, and produce in general. However, in the process of doing so, you also avoid the vital nutrients and fiber your body needs to function — leading to nutrient deficiencies and an unsustainable long-term diet.


It’s vital that vegetables and fruit become a frequent part of your keto routine, regardless of your goals. Dr. Will Cole — a functional medicine expert, author, and creator of the modified Ketotarian diet — says that the main focus of the keto diet should be plant-based sources of healthy fats, like coconut milk or avocado, as well as low-carb veggies like cauliflower, celery, spinach, and kale. Indeed, these nutrients are critical to keeping your digestive system in check, detoxifying your body, reducing inflammation, lowering blood sugar levels, and so much more.


But what happens when you don’t have the time to chop and prep your veggies between home, work, family, friends, your dog, and the gym? We totally get it — which is why we’ve compiled five of our favorite keto-friendly and plant-based snacks to help you crush your goals, and make your life that much easier!

  1. Olives — Olives are a great source of antioxidants, healthy fats, and fiber, which help with digestion, eliminating the free-radicals in your body and adding to your daily fat intake.
  2. Avocado — An avocado a day keeps the doctor away… or whatever they said. Avocados are a rich source of heart-healthy fats, potassium (just like bananas!), fiber, and more. Plus, they taste great with just about everything!
  3. Nuts and Seeds — Just a small handful of almonds, pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, or flax seeds can increase your daily fat and fiber intake by as much as 19 grams, helping you feel stay satisfied when the afternoon snack craving hits!
  4. Roasted Seaweed Snacks — Seaweed is a great source of iodine, vitamin B12, protein, and fiber — which are all critical to your daily intake of nutrients. Plus it’s crunchy — we love it with salads, or as part of a mini meal.
  5. Coconut — Coconut is a dream when it comes to a low carb keto diet. Not only is it high-fiber, rich in nutrients and healthy fats, it’s also satiating — so you can feel fuller, longer. Our newest flavor, Coconut Mint with Collagen, celebrates the incredible power of coconut. It features plant-based healthy fats from coconut milk, hydrating celery and hearty cauliflower, with only 6 grams of net carbs and no added sugar or artificial sweeteners — in addition to a whopping 14 grams of clean collagen protein! 


Coconut Mint with Collagen also comes with all the nutrients you expect from fresh coconut — like fiber, vitamin B6, and lauric acid, which helps with raising ‘good cholesterol’ in your heart. Plus, the refreshing, smooth, creamy flavor is perfect for hot summer days. Ready to go coco-nuts?

Coconut Mint with Collagen UGC

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