Good for you, Good for the planet

Good for you, Good for the planet

When organic veggies are grown the old-fashioned way, they all look different. Just like people, their shapes, sizes, and colors vary widely. Unfortunately, U.S. grocery stores usually don’t appreciate this beautiful diversity. Perfectly usable, totally delicious veggies and fruit — like curvy cucumbers and conjoined carrots — are thrown into the garbage because they don’t conform to the strict standards required by grocery store shelves.


In fact, 1 out of every 5 fruits and vegetables grown in America are thrown out simply on the basis of their appearance. The National Resources Defense Council reports that we waste around 40% of our total food supply every single year. That’s about 60 million tons of wasted produce annually. WOAH.


We think this is pretty ridiculous — and are working to make it better. At Medlie we’re all about sourcing our veggies and superfoods as sustainably as possible, which means locally and ‘imperfectly.’ We source many of our veggies — like carrots, cucumbers, kale, swiss chard, and apples— directly from some of the amazing farms selling their imperfect produce. This means that with every delicious sip, you’re not only energizing your body, healing your digestive system, and boosting your metabolism — but you’re also reducing food waste and saving a veggie in need! 


Plus, since we only source USDA Certified Organic veggies and superfoods, you’ll never have to worry about chemicals or GMOs. All of our products use high quality, Certified Organic veggies and superfoods, picked at the peak of ripeness. AND, whenever possible, we source locally to support the growers and farmers that work so hard every day.


To date, we’re proud to have saved 41,400 pounds of produce, 2.55 million gallons of water, and 15,000 kilograms of CO2 from sourcing imperfect veggies! Building a more sustainable and less wasteful company is rooted in our mission, and we can’t wait to see these numbers continue to grow with every sip you take.


So next time you’re enjoying a Cucumber Avocado or Carrot Coconut Lime, appreciate the bounty of beautiful veggies our planet provides us. They just can’t be beet! Drop us a line at and let us know what you do to decrease food waste and increase sustainability — and share any new ideas that we should work on implementing next!