ZUPA x @WHOLEDAILYLIFE: Guide to Whole30 Meal Prep

ZUPA x @WHOLEDAILYLIFE: Guide to Whole30 Meal Prep

Picture this: you’re running out the door (because let’s face it, you slept in... again), but you’re also doing Whole30. At the office there aren’t too many healthy options nearby — so you either have to survive on the banana you grabbed for breakfast, pick out all the almonds you can find in that old mixed nut jar in your desk drawer, or ask to have a bite of your friend’s salad. Not a nutritious or enjoyable way to start the day!

We get it, eating clean and prepping your meals can be hard at times — and, like many of us, you’re constantly on-the-go. We’ve teamed up with meal prep expert, and Registered Dietitian Tracey Grant (@wholedailylife), to give you all the tools and info you need for a successful Whole30 meal prep.

The Medlie x @WHOLEDAILYLIFE Guide to Whole30 Meal Prep contains her top tips, kitchen tools, meal strategies, recipes and more — everything you need to rock your next Whole30! Meal planning and prep play an integral role in the Whole30 journey, and when done right — they can actually be something you look forward to.

Meal Prep


Tracey started doing meal prep in 2011 when she became a Registered Dietitian. She has shared her successful strategies for meal planning and prep with her clients over the years, to ensure that “healthy food is available all week long" — because let’s face it, having a delicious and full meal is so much better than just snacking on almonds!

Whether you’re doing a Whole30 or just looking for a reset, this guide will help to jumpstart your healthy living.

Grab a (Whole30 Approved) bottle of Medlie, and head HERE to check out the meal prep guide!