Meet Medlie

Meet Medlie

Did you know that 90% of Americans don’t eat enough vegetables*? Between taking care of the family, back-to-back meetings through lunch, and those in-between moments spent on-the-go, prepping healthy meal choices can be hard. Enter Medlie. 

At Medlie, we make fresh, whole organic vegetable snacks easy, accessible and fun so that you can feel your best, even on your busiest days. Our veggies are sourced as locally as possible (using imperfect veggies when we can!), picked at the peak of ripeness, and made using High Pressure Processing (HPP) to allow their delicious flavors to shine through. We believe in the power of simple, fresh vegetables in the form of our Veggie Drinks, Veggie Shots, and Veggie Mashes

Whether you’re mostly plant-based, Whole30 compliant, paleo, keto, flexitarian, gluten-free, or just trying to get more vegetables in, we have options made for you – so getting your veggies in can be an easy part of your daily routine. 


What Makes Medlie Different?

Why We Blend vs. Juice 

Medlie Veggie Drinks Smoothies


We never juice at Medlie – we’re into blending whole organic veggies because of their amazing benefits! By using the entire vegetable – all the seeds, skin, and pulp – to make our products, we retain way more fiber in addition to capturing all it’s amazing vitamins and nutrients… just like nature intended!

Fiber is critical to feeling fuller for longer, and also offers lots of benefits for gut health, which we can all use these days. Fiber supports your gut microbiome, which helps to flush out toxins and support a healthy digestive system… good thing we blend the whole vegetable so you get 100% of the gut-healthy fiber!

Plus, Medlie is always vegetable-based, and we never add any sugar or sweeteners. All vegetables and fruit contain natural sugars, which in moderation are not bad for you – but too much fruit at once (particularly without fiber to help your body regulate its absorption) can be really hard for the body to process and leave you feeling a major sugar high… and then crash. We’ve personally found that drinking a savory Medlie Veggie Drink leaves you feeling calmer, with more stable blood sugar, than any juice.


Veggies For Real Life

Medlie is Your Veggie Solution


Medlie makes it so easy to get high quality, organic produce into your busy life by removing the guesswork and prep time. You’ll never have to compromise on eating healthy and feeling great with our veggie snacks made for life on-the-go. Sip straight from the bottle for veggies at breakfast (5x less sugar than a green juice or smoothie), fuel up after a workout, pair with a protein snack for a complete meal (hello salad in a bottle), or enjoy in a recipe for dinner.

Ready to get fresh, chilled, veggie-packed goodness delivered directly to your doorstep in two days? Shop now!


Our Team

Behind the Veggies

Meet the Medlie Team


We're a small women-led team of four, running on California sun to bring you tons of #veggievibes — and we're so thankful every day to be part of a company that makes it more achievable for you to eat your veggies, and have fun doing it! We love morning Veggie Shots, frequenting the Sonoma Whole Foods for lunch, and trying to outdo each others’ vegetable puns.






*CDC, "Disparities in State — Specific Adult Fruit and Vegetable Consumption — United States, 2015"