Meet Medlie – A Message From Our Team

Meet Medlie – A Message From Our Team

Hi there – Thank you for all the incredible support and words of enthusiasm for our transition from ZÜPA NOMA to Medlie!


We started ZÜPA NOMA two years ago with the goal of providing satisfyingly tasty, high fiber and low sugar vegetable beverages in the form of our drinkable Superfood Soups – and we quickly heard that these truly healthy, convenient offerings were filling an important need for you.


As we’ve grown, launching our one-of-a-kind organic vegetable plus collagen drinks like Kale Avocado with Collagen, and our whole vegetable-based Veggie Shots, what continues to stand out as the most important part of our mission is making fresh, whole organic vegetable snacks easy, accessible and fun. So, I’m incredibly proud to share the next phase of our growth – meet Medlie!


With Medlie, you’ll find all the same integrity in our sourcing and production methods, all the same simplicity and functionality of our ingredient lines, and all the same respect for the power of simple, fresh vegetables. And, spoiler alert, you can expect lots more to come beyond the Veggie Drinks and Veggie Shots you know and love, starting in the next few months. Whether you’re mostly plant-based, Whole30 compliant, paleo, keto, flexitarian, or just trying to get more vegetables in, we have options made for you – and are honored to be part of your daily routines.


With you on board, Medlie is on track for even bigger and better things in 2019. Please use code 10FROMJEN for 10% off your next order – and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or feedback anytime!


Sending veggie vibes,

Jen Berliner