Meet The Mashes

Meet The Mashes

Your newest veggie obsession is here, meet Medlie Veggie Mashes! Veggie Mashes are the first cauliflower-based blended veggie snack cups — packed with whole, organic vegetables and perfect to grab-and-go for healthier snacking. Always paleo-friendly, Whole30 Approved, and no sugar added. Enjoy straight from the container, as a dip, or spread — the mashabilities are endless! Want to know more about Veggie Mashes? Read on!

Q: What flavors of Veggie Mashes are available?
A: We’ve created three cauliflower-based blended veggie snack cups, each with a delicious vegetable-forward flavor; creamy, refreshing Avocado Greens with Collagen; rich, nutty Tomato Tahini with Collagen; and sweet, nourishing Sweet Potato Cinnamon. Got another flavor you think we should make next? Let us know!

Q: How are Veggie Mashes different from Veggie Drinks and Veggie Shots?
A: Our Veggie Mashes give you a whole new way to enjoy your vegetables! Our Veggie Drinks and Veggie Shots are fantastic for sipping and shooting, while our Veggie Mashes are even more versatile: spoon them, dip them, spread them, and so much more!

Q: Why did you make Veggie Mashes?
A: When we announced Medlie, we promised that we had more up our sleeves in terms of satisfyingly tasty, high fiber, low sugar vegetable blends — and Veggie Mashes are the first new product line we’re sharing to support this mission. Read more from our CEO Jen here.

Q: What are some different ways to enjoy Veggie Mashes?
A: There’s really no wrong way to enjoy a Veggie Mash! Our favorite way to enjoy the three unique flavors is straight out of the container — however, we also love using them as dips with sliced veggies and crackers, paired it with other foods as part of a mini meal, spread atop a slice of toast (avocado toast just got WAY easier), or with a meal as a flavorful dressing. The possibilities are endless!

Q: What can a Veggie Mash replace?
A: Anything processed, shelf stable, or containing unnecessary sugar, gluten and dairy! Use Tomato Tahini with Collagen as a paleo-friendly and legume-free alternative to hummus; enjoy Avocado Greens with Collagen a higher protein, lower sugar alternative to plant-based yogurt or a smoothie bowl; use them all to replace packaged snack bars, providing more natural sources of fiber and nutrients; or start spooning with Sweet Potato Cinnamon as a low sugar alternative when you’re craving something sweet!

Sweet Potato Cinnamon

Q: What is the consistency of a Veggie Mash like?
A: The Veggie Mashes have a thicker, spoonable consistency similar to a yogurt or a dip like hummus.

Q: How many servings of whole, organic veggies are in each cup?
A: Each 6oz. Veggie Mash cup equals one full single serving (as they are made to enjoyed all at once), and contains 2.5 servings of whole, organic veggies inside!

Q: How many calories are in each Veggie Mash cup?
A: The Veggie Mashes range from 150-210 calories across the three flavors, and all the calories come from whole vegetables and minimal fruit.

Q: What are some other Veggie Mash nutritional facts?
A: There is between 3-7g of fiber in each of the Veggie Mashes, 2-6g of protein (6g in the two collagen flavors; Tomato Tahini with Collagen and Avocado Greens with Collagen), and 10-15g of healthy fat in each (from heart-healthy sources like avocado, tahini and olive oil)

Veggie Mash

Q: How many should I eat per day?
A: Since our Veggie Mashes are made with 100% whole, organic vegetables, there are no limits – however, as with all good things, we recommend consuming whatever you feel comfortable with!

Q: Do the Veggie Mash flavors have Collagen?
A: The Avocado Greens and Tomato Tahini flavors both contain grass-fed collagen peptides, derived from bovine hide. Collagen is a clean source of protein, free of allergens like soy, dairy, and gluten.

Q: Are the Veggie Mash flavors made with USDA Certified Organic veggies?
A: Veggie Mashes are made with only high-quality USDA Certified Organic vegetables, and two of the three flavors (Avocado Greens with Collagen and Tomato Tahini with Collagen) contain clean collagen protein for extra satiety.

Q: Are the Veggie Mash flavors keto-friendly or Whole30 Approved?
A: Our Veggie Mashes are all Whole30 Approved! Two of the three Veggie Mash flavors are keto-friendly – Avocado Greens with Collagen has 4g net carbs, and Tomato Tahini with Collagen has 8g net carbs. However, we recommend checking the nutritional facts on each flavor to make sure our Veggies Mashes align with your specific keto needs.

Q: Are any of the Veggie Mash flavors sweet or have added sugar?
A: Like all things Medlie, our Veggie Mashes never have any added sugar, artificial sweeteners, or filler ingredients — we believe things are sweet enough with wholesome veggies. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, our Sweet Potato Cinnamon Veggie Mash is the perfect snack – with only 4g of natural sugar in the entire cup, from veggies and minimal fruit, you can enjoy its comforting flavor straight from the container, and as a delightful dip or sweet treat.

Q: What is the shelf life of the Veggie Mashes?
A: Just like our Veggie Drinks and Veggie Shots, our Veggie Mashes last five months from their production date — giving you plenty of time to enjoy your veggies on-the-go!

Q: Are you supposed to eat Veggie Mashes on-the-go?
A: YES! Our Veggie Mashes come in portable containers that make it easy to take everywhere, no matter where you’re going. Veggies for real life!