Top Meal Planning Tips for A Healthy Weekend Getaway

Top Meal Planning Tips for A Healthy Weekend Getaway

By: Kelly Warner, Certified Whole30 Coach and blogger at @showmewholeliving


As a stay-at-home mom of three (with my fourth on the way), I don’t get many off days. However, my husband and I will occasionally get to sneak away for a weekend getaway, and we don’t want to spend our budget eating out three meals a day or dealing with the health consequences that often accompanies eating at restaurants.  


Over time, we have come up with a list of food that can be easily prepped ahead of time — which helps us eat wholesome food while on-the-go, so that we can really enjoy the “worth it” foods on our trip! By starting out our day with a nutrient-dense breakfast, and eating a cold lunch on-the-go, we don’t spend our getaway dealing with too many adverse reactions to the food we eat — which frees us up to truly live our food freedom at dinner… or dessert... or both!


Curious to learn more? Keep reading to see my meal template, recipe ideas, and top tips on what to pack for your next three-day trip!



  • Portable, cold breakfast options (hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, pre-made quiche)
  • Portable, cold protein sources (sliced chicken breast, deli meat)
  • Three to four Medlie Veggie Drinks
  • One to two Medlie Veggie Shots
  • Raw, sliced veggies and fruit
  • Clean, convenient grab and go snacks (nuts, seeds, bars)
  • Healthy, convenient fats (guacamole, nut butter, and ghee pouches)


Breakfast Meal On-the-go




As a one-income family, our entertainment budget is modest, and most of the time your basic hotel does not always accommodate the Paleo/Whole30 options that we love! Prepping breakfast ahead of time allows us to eat what we can at the hotel, but have some options to supplement. My favorite prep ahead breakfasts are frittatas or a sweet potato quiche. I’ll typically make one 12-inch frittata or quiche before our trip and take a third of it with us, then pair it with some guacamole and a Medlie Veggie Shot!  


Breakfast is the hardest meal to get veggies in while at home — and even harder to do so while on a trip. This is why I love adding a Veggie Shot to my hotel breakfast to ensure I start my day with at least one serving of whole vegetables! My personal favorite is the IMMUNITY Shot because it tastes amazing and it gives my immune system a boost, which is a must when traveling!


If you don’t have time to prep a delicious frittata before your trip, here are some of our other favorite cold breakfast options that are simple, yet healthy:

  • Chia seed pudding
  • Yogurt cups
  • Paleo muesli with almond milk
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Sliced fruit, paired with nut butter
  • Whole30 compliant protein bars



Almost everything on our packing list requires zero prep work ahead of time, with the exception of the portable protein. This is the one meal component that is best prepped prior to your trip. It is hard to feel satiated from nuts and seeds, and eating something with a little more substantial protein will help you stay more full throughout the day. Once I have done the hard work of cooking the protein earlier in the week, it takes no more than a few seconds to open the fridge and put my portable protein in a container for our trip. Here are some of our favorite portable protein sources:  

  • Cold roasted chicken breast, sliced
  • Chicken salad (I have a great recipe here)
  • Cold chicken sausage
  • Turkey meatballs
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Cold lunch meat
  • Whole30 compliant meat sticks and jerky




The hardest part about eating on-the-go is getting enough veggies. While raw veggies, such as carrots, celery, broccoli, and bell peppers, are an easy grab-and-go option, they don’t always satiate my hunger for micronutrients. This is why I love the portable convenience of Medlie Veggie Drinks! There’s no washing, chopping, or peeling involved on my part — which is a huge win in my book! My favorite flavor is the Kale Avocado with Collagen, because it’s light and refreshing, but has the added benefits of collagen protein to help keep me full. In addition to a couple bottles of Medlie, I’ll pack raw veggies and pair them with single serving packets of healthy fats like guacamole and nut butter. Add with some portable protein and you’ve got the perfect balanced no-cook, on-the-go meal!

Kale Avocado


Though never ideal, eating on-the-go can sometimes be unavoidable. However, having a plan in place is the easiest way to set yourself up for success with healthy options. By making sure at least two of your meals are packed with nutrients, you’ll be fueled to really enjoy yourself while you’re away.


If a totally “worth it” breakfast or lunch option arises, you still have complete freedom to choose whether or not you want to go off plan. That’s the benefit of being prepared ahead of time — you have healthy options available, should you need or want them. Do the best you can while you’re away, enjoy your food freedom, and remove any guilt or shame about it.


Hopefully my super simple packing list has shown you how easy it can be to eat a nutrient-dense meal on-the-go, and has you thinking about what you can throw in your cooler for your next weekend getaway!


About Kelly:


Kelly Warner is a stay-at-home mama of three (almost 4!) and Whole30 Certified Coach from St. Louis, MO, who believes that the path to whole living starts with changing the food we consume. Having experienced the power of Whole30 first hand, she has completely changed her relationship with food, developed healthy habits for herself and her family, and lost 80 pounds by completing multiple rounds of the program. When she’s not in the kitchen or caring for her cubs, she loves to spend her time reading, songwriting, singing at church, and dating her handsome husband.