Why Dietitians prefer Medlie over Green Juice

Why Dietitians prefer Medlie over Green Juice



It’s true, I’m part of the chew crew. I prefer to consume most of my meals in good ‘ole whole food fashion with the munch and crunch of superfood greens. But, when my childhood juice cravings call... I need to be equipped with resources!


There’s quite a lure for those $10 glass bottles of fruit-laden and unicorn-glitter dusted green juices and smoothies these days. But, despite the promises — I’ve found little benefit in those liquid sugar bombs. As a holistic nutritionist, I’m all about whole food; whole vegetables along with pronounceable and minimally modified ingredients that fill and satisfy my stomach!


Medlie’s ready-to-enjoy Veggie Drinks have filled that need-to-sip fix and provide a greater nutritional benefit than any trendy juice. Why, specifically, this dietitian reaches for a Veggie Drink over a juice? Read on!


1. Satiety (AKA, these Veggie Drinks keep my belly full). 

Really! The blend of leafy greens and superfoods still contains all the fiber! Unlike juicing, which actually extracts important nutrients and fiber (which is the main source of satiety and a huge benefit to the gut), Medlie blends all the seeds and skin from the whole vegetable for maximum benefit. Research shows that fiber-rich food choices not only provide fullness but cause us to eat less overall. Also, fiber decreases digestion time and moderates our blood sugar, preventing those hangry feels an hour after a meal.


2. They fit into busy lifestyles.

Many of my clients love veggies and eat them with most meals. But others struggle to get adequate greens into their diet. Medlie makes concentrated sources of portable greens a good option for them on the days they would normally rely heavily on convenience caffeine and coffee shop sugar. These Veggie Drinks are the perfect portion (and purse!) size; 12 ounces of concentrated whole vegetables in less than 200 calories — allowing my clients to appropriately accompany a protein-rich option: hard-boiled egg, meat sticks, rotisserie chicken perhaps? (Yes, I keep those things in my purse on the reg.) This doesn't fully replace the intake of normal greens, but it’s much better than the alternative. Plus, you won’t find beneficial antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in that coffee shop muffin. Trust me.


3. They are balanced (and real).

Not only does Medlie contain the vegetable’s fiber, but it also has a dose of satiating plant-fat. The 100-200 calorie bottles, unlike most juices, have no added sugar and contain heart-healthy fats from avocado, olive oil, seeds, and more; count me in! Plus, the ingredient list makes me happy, containing things I know, love and like to pronounce: broccoli, beet, ginger, paprika, turmeric!


4. They’re multi-purpose.  

In addition to sipping on Medlie on busy days with clients (where crunching on a bag of celery isn’t appropriate), I also use them as a marinade to enhance the nutrients of my lean protein choice. It seems odd to use bbq marinade loaded with sugar for my organic chicken breast, #amiright?! They also serve as a great stew base or casserole sauce — the vegetable blend packs loads of flavor!