Why this LA based nutritionist, Courtney Swan, loves drinkable veggies!

Why this LA based nutritionist, Courtney Swan, loves drinkable veggies!

If you aren’t following Courtney Swan (@realfoodology) yet, you should. She is an integrated nutritionist based in LA who, up until recently, worked and traveled with musicians as their go-to girl for anything wellness related. Plus, she’s a big fan of Medlie’s vegetable mission, since she has a deep-rooted passion for helping people eat better (just like us!). 


It was a match made in heaven when she started incorporating our Veggie Drinks into her daily routine as the perfect healthy snack for those in-between moments, like after a workout or when running around on tour. Plus, it keeps her full until dinnertime!

“I love Medlie because the ingredients are super clean and real. I could make any of their drinks in my kitchen at home if I wanted to! There are no added fillers or weird ingredients I don’t recognize. Thankfully I don’t have to make them myself because Medlie exists which is way more convenient and suits my lifestyle. I am always on-the-go, Medlie makes it easy for me to grab a drink on my way out the door and it’s the perfect snack that's full of veggies! They make getting my organic vegetables in super easy." — Courtney Swan

We had the privilege of sitting down with Courtney recently and got to ask her a few fun questions. Read more about her career, why she loves helping people eat cleaner, what a day in her life is like, and more below! 🤓

Q: What is your favorite vegetable and why? 

A: Cucumber. I have no other reason really than it tastes so fresh to me. I genuinely love the taste and everything about it -- including cucumber flavored Veggie Drinks!


Q: How do you fit our drinkable veggies into your daily routine? 

A: I love to incorporate a Veggie Drink in the afternoon as a nice little snack to hold me over until dinnertime. They are super convenient for when I’m on-the-go! 


Q: What is your favorite thing about what you do and why? 

A: I love connecting with people and helping them feel better in their bodies. Food is life and to me there is nothing more rewarding than being able to give people the tools to a better life!


Q: If you could give one tip to live a healthier lifestyle, what would it be? 

A: Eat REAL food. Get back to nature and eat less out of packages, and more real food from the earth. If it’s in a package, read the ingredient label and make sure you could make that from scratch in your kitchen if you had to! I checked Medlie and it passed the test! 😁


Q: We are huge fans of women-led businesses and female entrepreneurship. What advice would you share with other aspiring entrepreneurs out there? 

A: Love what you do! When the going gets tough (and it will) it’s what will keep you and your business thriving!