Why We Blend vs. Juice

Why We Blend vs. Juice

We don’t juice at Medlie – we’re into blending whole veggies because of their amazing benefits! By using the entire vegetable – all the seeds, skin, and pulp – to make our products, we retain way more fiber in addition to capturing all the vitamins and nutrients. Fiber is critical for feeling fuller for longer, and also offers lots of benefits for gut health, which we can all use these days!


Here are some more reasons why blending is best!

YOU’RE EATING WHOLE VEGETABLES – You’re getting whole vegetables – from seeds to skins – with our Medlie Veggie Drinks and Veggie Shots. To make things simple, we put all of the whole veggies (and minimal fruit in some flavors) into a giant blender, which gives our drinkable veggies a smooth, delicious consistency.

YOU’LL FEEL FULLER – You know that feeling when you’re still hungry after you’ve gotten to the bottom of that green juice bottle? Annoying, we know. Our blended drinkable veggies will help keep you feeling full throughout the day because you’re getting all of the fiber, which means they will digest slower than a cold-pressed juice.

YOU WON’T MISS SUGAR – Medlie Veggie Drinks and Veggie Shots are of course vegetable based, and we never add any sugar or sweeteners. All vegetables and fruit contain natural sugars, which in moderation, are not bad for you – but too much fruit at once (particularly without fiber to help your body regulate its absorption) can be really hard for the body to process and leave you feeling a major sugar high… and then crash. We’ve personally found that drinking a savory Medlie Veggie Drink leaves you feeling calmer, with more stable blood sugar, than any juice.

YOU’LL SUPPORT HEALTHY DIGESTION – Fiber-rich plants are key to keeping your digestive system in check, good thing we blend the whole vegetable so you get 100% of the gut-healthy fiber. Fiber supports your gut microbiome, which helps to flush out toxins and support a healthy digestive system.

YOU’RE GETTING MORE NUTRIENTS – Since we blend all of the seeds, skins, and pulp, which are some of the most nutrient-rich parts of the plant, you’re getting their maximum nutrition, just like nature intended. Plus, vegetable peels contain significantly more antioxidants, which is an added heart-healthy bonus!

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