Why you’ll spoon over Veggie Mash — A note from our CEO

Why you’ll spoon over Veggie Mash — A note from our CEO

First and foremost, thank you for the amazing support of Medlie! We’ve LOVED hearing from so many of you about how you’re liking the new brand name, how you’re sipping on limited-edition Coconut Mint with Collagen this summer, and how Medlie helps you get your daily veggies in while on-the-go.

When we announced Medlie, we promised that we had more up our sleeves in terms of satisfyingly tasty, high fiber, low sugar vegetable blends, and today we’re excited to share the launch of our brand new Veggie Mashes!

What’s a Veggie Mash, you might ask?

Avocado Greens Veggie Mash


Simply put, our one-of-a-kind Veggie Mashes are cauliflower-based blended veggie snack cups, each with a delicious vegetable-forward flavor like Avocado Greens, Tomato Tahini and Sweet Potato Cinnamon.

Like all things Medlie, the Veggie Mashes are made with only high-quality USDA Certified Organic vegetables, and two of the three have clean collagen protein for extra satiety. All are paleo and Whole30 Approved®, and they never have any added sugar or filler ingredients. Read more fun FAQs about the Veggie Mashes here!

Our Veggie Mashes give you a whole new way to enjoy your vegetables! Our Veggie Drinks and Veggie Shots are fantastic for sipping and shooting, while our Veggie Mashes are even more versatile. Whether you spoon them straight out of the container (guilty!), dip your favorite crackers or veggie sticks, or use one as a nutrient-dense sauce for a meal, you can’t go wrong. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll *spoon* over these awesome flavors!

Thanks for joining us on this clean veggie snacking journey – we can’t wait to hear what you think! Please use code 10FROMJEN for 10% off your next order, on me – and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or feedback anytime!

Sending veggie vibes,
Jen Berliner