Medlie Veggie Drinks 


Q: When will my order arrive? 🥒

A: We ship all of our products via UPS 2Day on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday — so your order will always arrive within a week of placing a request, regardless of your location in the country! We encourage you to check your UPS tracking number, which we always send in your shipping confirmation. From there, you can view information about the location and status of your package, all in real time. Depending on where in the country you’re located, your package could even arrive a day early!

Here is our general delivery schedule:

  • Orders placed 6am Wednesday to midnight Friday will ship UPS 2Day on Monday mornings
  • Orders placed midnight Friday to 6am Monday will ship UPS 2Day Tuesday mornings
  • Orders placed 6am Monday to 6am Wednesday will ship UPS 2Day Wednesday mornings

Note: Schedule may be modified during major holidays. 

Free shipping on all orders over $55. As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your order, our process, or the timing of it all, please send us a note:


Q: My order took longer than two days to arrive — should I be worried? ⏱

A: Our gel packs, bottles, containers, and liners are designed to keep your order chilled for up to 60 hours of transit and delivery time — so, as long as your order is cool to the touch, and you've placed them in the fridge shortly after, they are still ready to enjoy! However, we also advise that you err on the side of caution, and do what you feel is best.


Q: Do you ship nationally? Internationally? 🌎

A: Yes and no! We ship all of our certified organic Veggie Drinks, Shots and Mashes all over the country via UPS 2Day, in insulated coolers with gel ice packs. We hope to ship internationally in the future, but due to the temperature sensitivity of the product we are unable to accommodate those orders at this time. 



Q: What is your return policy? 🚚

A: All sales of Medlie are final. Since our products are perishable, we are unable to resell them once they’ve shipped out from our warehouse and additionally, we are very careful about food safety and cannot vouch for the products having been kept at the right temperature range during transit back to us. If this is a matter of your shipment being damaged in transit, please email us at with documentation of the issue, and we’ll be happy to work with you to find a solution.

If you’ve tried one or two flavors that just don’t suit your palate, we’d love for you to try all of our products, as they are each quite different! Alternatively, please share any remaining drinks, shots, and mashes with veggie-loving family or friends who may be interested in Medlie.



Q: Why don’t you use glass bottles and containers? ♻️

A: All Medlie bottles and containers are made from PET #1 Plastic.  We chose this plastic for our fantastically healthy Veggie Drinks, Shots and Mashes because it’s been approved by the FDA — as well as numerous non-profit organizations such as the International Life Sciences Institute, and Please remember that this plastic is safe for a one-time use only and that you should throw it in the recycling bin when you finish sipping!

Interestingly, plastic is also a better choice for us than glass for the following reasons:

  • Plastic uses considerably less energy than glass to be recycled.
  • It is dramatically lighter than other bottle options, which means less fuel is used to create and deliver each bottle.

Our method of ensuring that the product is safe from bacteria is called Cold Pressure, or HPP. This FDA approved method of pasteurization can only be done in a plastic container!



 Q: Is Medlie shelf-stable? ❄️

A: No — Medlie is a perishable product, and must be kept chilled at all times. If the Veggie Drinks, Mashes and Shots are left unrefrigerated for too long, they will begin to lose nutritional value and taste, and may start to ferment. With that being said, we understand that life happens — and if you do leave it unrefrigerated for a couple of hours while you're on-the-go, there's no need to worry!


Q: Are your products raw? 🌿

A: Medlie is technically not a raw product, as it undergoes high-pressure processing (HPP) to inactivate any potentially harmful bacteria.  However, because HPP is not a pasteurization process, it preserves the nutritional integrity of our whole, organic vegetables, while mitigating any risk associated with consuming completely raw items.  We think this is really the best way to deliver a nutritionally superior, delicious, and safe product!


Q: How long do your products last? ⏳

A: Since Medlie is comprised entirely of high-pressured, certified organic vegetables and superfoods, we recommend you sip your Veggie Drinks, Shots and Mashes by the best-by date for maximum freshness and nutritional value! Once you pop that top, however, make sure to consume the remainder within 14 days of opening.


Q: Where does your produce come from? 🍅

A: It is economically, environmentally, and logistically advantageous for us to source our ingredients from as close to home (California!) as possible.  If you would like to learn more about our ingredients, please reach out to us at


Q: Is Medlie compliant with my dietary needs? 🍴

A: Medlie Veggie Drinks, Shots and Mashes are a great way to get your daily recommended servings of vegetables — while being high in fiber, low in sugar, Certified Organic, and packed with powerhouse nutrients. In addition to being Whole30 Approved, all of our products are:

  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy and corn-free
  • Preservative and additive-free

Please be advised that our products are prepared and packaged in a facility that is also used to manufacture products that contain nuts. Several of our flavors do contain seeds, and our Collagen flavors are non-vegan, as they include collagen from grass-fed bovine.  Although we operate with best practices, the chance for cross-contamination, though minimal, is possible. We encourage you to always reach out to us with specific questions, and we insist that you err on the side of safety! Here’s that email address, one more time:


Q: Are your products kosher? 💫

A: Though our products use only fresh organic veggies and non-pork based protein, Medlie Veggie Drinks, Shots and Mashes are not Certified Kosher — however, we are working to obtain Kosher certification for the future!


Q: Can my child enjoy Medlie? 🤓

A: Absolutely! Our Certified Organic Veggie Drinks, Shots and Mashes are a great addition to your child’s daily routine, and are an excellent alternative to sugary drinks or pouches, heat-pasteurized juices, or other less nutrient-dense options.



Q: How many calories are in a Veggie Drink? 🔮

A: For a 12 oz. serving, our veggie drinks range from approximately 80 to 200 calories. 


 Q: Can I heat my Veggie Drinks? 🔥

A: While our Veggie Drinks are intended to be sipped chilled, you can absolutely empty them from their bottles and heat them gently in a saucepan over medium-low heat. In a rush? Pour one into a microwave-safe container and heat for approximately 40 seconds (or until warm to the touch).


Q: Can I freeze my Veggie Drinks? ☃️

A: While we don’t recommend freezing your Veggie Drinks (since the texture and taste can change once thawed), it’s definitely an option if you’re in a pinch. We do recommend unscrewing the lids and pouring a little of the liquid out to account for any expansion during the freezing process. When ready to consume, the USDA recommends defrosting in the fridge as the safest method, though it can take up to 24 hours. Once your Veggie Drinks are entirely thawed, shake well and enjoy! Please be sure to consume entirely within three days of defrosting, and please note that freezing a second time is not recommended for food safety reasons.



Q: How many calories are in a Veggie Shot? 🍋

A: Our 2 oz. Veggie Shots range from 10 to 20 calories.



Q: What flavors of Veggie Mash are available? 🥄

A:  We’ve created three cauliflower-based blended veggie snack cups, each with a delicious vegetable-forward flavor; creamy, refreshing Avocado Greens with Collagen; rich, nutty Tomato Tahini with Collagen; and sweet, nourishing Sweet Potato Cinnamon. Got another flavor you think we should make next? Let us know!


Q: How are Veggie Mashes different from Veggie Drinks and Veggie Shots? 🤓

A: Our Veggie Mashes give you a whole new way to enjoy your vegetables! Our Veggie Drinks and Veggie Shots are fantastic for sipping and shooting, while our Veggie Mashes are even more versatile: spoon them, dip them, spread them, and so much more!


Q: Why did you make Veggie Mashes? 🥑

A: When we announced Medlie, we promised that we had more up our sleeves in terms of satisfyingly tasty, high fiber, low sugar vegetable blends — and Veggie Mashes are the first new product line we’re sharing to support this mission. Read more from our CEO Jen here


Q: What are some different ways to enjoy Veggie Mashes? 🎉

A: There’s really no wrong way to enjoy a Veggie Mash! Our favorite way to enjoy the three unique flavors is straight out of the container — however, we also love using them as dips with sliced veggies and crackers, paired it with other foods as part of a mini meal, spread atop a slice of toast (avocado toast just got WAY easier), or with a meal as a flavorful dressing. The possibilities are endless! 


Q: How many calories are in each Veggie Mash cup? 🍅

A: The Veggie Mashes range from 150-210 calories across the three flavors, and all the calories come from whole vegetables and minimal fruit.


Q: Are the Veggie Mash flavors made with USDA Certified Organic veggies? 🥒

A: Veggie Mashes are made with only high-quality USDA Certified Organic vegetables, and two of the three flavors (Avocado Greens with Collagen and Tomato Tahini with Collagen) contain clean collagen protein for extra satiety. 


Q: Are the Veggie Mash flavors keto-friendly or Whole30 Approved? 📅

A: Our Veggie Mashes are all Whole30 Approved! Two of the three Veggie Mash flavors are keto-friendly – Avocado Greens with Collagen has 4g net carbs, and Tomato Tahini with Collagen has 8g net carbs. However, we recommend checking the nutritional facts on each flavor to make sure our Veggies Mashes align with your specific keto needs.



Q: How do I cancel my subscription? 👋

A: To cancel your subscription, log into your Customer Portal — located on the upper right-hand corner of the page. Click the 'Subscriptions' tab, then select the 'cancel' option next to the bundles you no longer wish to receive. Please note that you will need to make these changes at least five days before your next scheduled renewal, in order to avoid being charged for the shipment.


Q: Can I edit products in my subscription? 🥕

A: If you'd like to edit the amount and shipment frequency of the items in your subscription, click the Subscription tab in your customer portal, then toggle through the options as desired.  If you would like to add products to your subscription, feel free to reach out to us at — we’d be happy to help!


Q: When will I be billed for my subscription? 💸

A: You can view your next scheduled billing date by visiting the Order History tab on your customer portal. Please note that you will always receive an email notification prior to being charged for your next shipment — we recommend whitelisting our emails so that these notifications do not go to your spam folder!


Q: What happens if I need to change my shipping address? 🏡

A: To change your shipping address, click on the "Manage Addresses" tab in your customer portal, then click "Edit" next to the address you would like to change. Enter your details, then click "Enter" to confirm the changes. Please note that this will not affect the billing address and that you will need to change those details separately — see below.


Q: What happens if I need to change my billing address? 💳

A: To change your billing address, click on the "Billing Information" tab in your customer portal. You can then update the details to reflect any required changes.


Q: How do I skip a delivery? Do I need to cancel my subscription if I go on vacation, or can I just put my account on ‘pause’? 🌴

A: If you are traveling, or just want to skip a delivery, click on "Manage Subscriptions" in the customer portal, then click "Skip" to postpone the next order.


Q: How far in advance do I need to suspend my account in order to avoid being charged for the next delivery? 📆

A: You will need to suspend your account and notify us at least 48 hours before your next payment is due.


Q: What if I have other questions? 🌱

A: Lettuce talk! ;) Email us at, and we’ll get back to you beet-fore you know it.