Whether you’re looking for approved options to power through your Whole30, are following our Three Day Cleanse, or love to make your own collection, subscribing is the easiest, most cost-effective way to get deliveries of your favorite Veggie Drinks.


  • Choose the bundle of your choice — or, build your own custom mix.
  • Select "Subscribe Now", then choose your preferred reoccurrence — from bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly.
  • Proceed to check-out — your 10% discount will automatically be applied to each shipment.


Q: How do I cancel my subscription? 🥑

A: To cancel your subscription, log into your Customer Portal — located on the upper right-hand corner of the page. Click the 'Subscriptions' tab, then select the 'cancel' option next to the bundles you no longer wish to receive. Please note that you will need to make these changes at least five days before your next scheduled renewal, in order to avoid being charged for the shipment.


Q: Can I edit products in my subscription? 🍅

A: To add products to your subscription, you will need to cancel and create a new subscription — however, we are currently working to resolve this issue for the (very) near future! In the meantime, if you'd like to edit the amount and frequency of your subscription, click the Subscription tab in your customer portal, then edit the frequency and number of the products you would like to receive.


Q: When will I be billed for my subscription? 📆

A: You can view your next scheduled billing date by visiting the Order History tab on your customer portal. Please note that you will always receive an email notification prior to being charged for your next shipment.


Q: What happens if I need to change my shipping address? 🏡

A: To change your shipping address, click on the "Manage Addresses" tab in your customer portal, then click "Edit" next to the address you would like to change. Enter your details, then click "Enter" to confirm the changes. Please note that this will not affect the billing address and that you will need to change those details separately — see below.


Q: What happens if I need to change my billing address? 💳

A: To change your billing address, click on the "Billing Information" tab in your customer portal. You can then update the details to reflect any required changes.


Q: How do I skip a delivery? Do I need to cancel my subscription if I go on vacation or can I just put my account on ‘pause’? 🌴

A: If you are traveling, or just want to skip a delivery, click on "Manage Subscriptions" in the customer portal, then click "Skip" to postpone the next order.


Q: How far in advance do I need to suspend my account in order to avoid being charged for the next delivery? ⏳

A: You will need to suspend your account and notify us at least 48 hours before your next payment is due.


Q: What if I have other questions? ✨

A: Lettuce talk! ;) Email us at hi@medlie.com, and we’ll get back to you beet-fore you know it.