Be the first to grab our exclusive Three-Day Whole30 Veggie Reset, and get ready to feel amazing! This three-day mini-reset is a great addition to your Whole30, whether you’re looking for recipe inspiration, need an easy to follow Whole30 compliant structure during a busy week, or simply want a break from washing and chopping quite so many vegetables! It’s designed to integrate seamlessly into your Whole30 experience, whether you are on your first week of the program or wrapping up the last few days of your fifth round. 

This program can also be an amazing tool as a standalone mini-reset for those who have successfully completed several Whole30s and want to revisit those principles to accomplish short-term health and habit goals.

Here's what to expect:

  • Deliciously easy, Whole30 compliant meals created by Whole30 Certified Coach and (rockstar) blogger Melissa Herbst (@melissasfoodfreedom) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 😋
  • Meal pairings with nutrient-dense, superfood-packed, Whole30 Approved® drinkable soup for an extra boost of micronutrition and hydration, leaving you feeling satisfied and energized. #YAS 🍅
  • Early morning Veggie Shots to further support your immunity, digestion, and metabolism, giving your day the extra boost it needs. 💪


“You’ll feel like a complete superhero goddess by the end: drinking all of ZÜPA’s beautiful veggies kick your immune system, digestion, and metabolism into gear. Plus, it leaves your body, skin and mood feeling better than ever!” -  Melissa 


Why this program?:

  • It is a great way to return your focus to the specific goals that brought you to Whole30 in the first place, and an easy way to do a mini-reset if you don’t have time for a full Whole30.
  • It allows you to switch up your Whole30 routine by trying new recipes and meal pairings.
  • It encourages you to make an additional effort to prioritize and nourish your own physical and emotional needs, showing gratitude for everything your body and mind accomplish in your daily hustle.

You’ve got this #SOUPSQUAD! Get ready to slay your Three-Day Whole30 Veggie Reset and feel like a million bucks! ✨