WHOLE30 Morning Routine Guide by ZÜPA NOMA

Get ready to rock your Whole30 and make every morning count with breakfast tips, workout ideas, meditation and journaling inspiration, and more! Plus, it’s packed with insights and hacks from top Whole30 Certified Coaches, social influencers, and other experts.


Want to know how Jen Bumb (@pretend_its_a_donut), Melissa Herbst (@melissasfoodfreedom), Jessie Beltramo (@justjessieb), and others start their day during a Whole30 and beyond? The Whole30 Morning Routine Guide by ZÜPA NOMA includes their most important habits, the drinks and products that make their mornings special, and their favorite ways to make eating a Whole30 breakfast on-the-go a breeze. The right morning routine means setting yourself up for success all day long, during Whole30 and into your Food Freedom. Keep reading for a sneak peek, and enter your email below to get the full guide delivered to your inbox!




Making time for movement in the morning increases productivity and gets your endorphins pumping. Starting the day with a workout will provide your body with an energy boost so you can take on the day ahead!

Looking for some new workouts? Check out an easily modifiable workout from #SOUPSQUAD member, Professional Triathlete, and Ironman Champion Meredith Kessler – and feel free to add weights or modify however feels right to you. You can also do the bodyweight exercises and running outside!

Cardio + Strength Workout

  • Warm up: Run 1 mile at medium pace
  • Inchworms to pushup (10 reps)
  • Supermans (10 reps)
  • Mountain climbers (30 seconds)
  • Plank (1 minute)
  • Alternate forward lunges (15/side)
  • Front squats (20 reps)
  • Walking lunges (15/side)
  • Deadlifts (10 reps)
  • Plank (1 minute)
  • Repeat steps 5-10 one to two more times!
  • Run 1 mile at medium pace
  • Cool down: Walk for 10 minutes, then stretch!


Check out The Veggie Vibe for more workouts from Meredith.

Note: If you train first thing in the morning, you may need to eat beforehand to signal your body to prepare for activity. Check out our breakfast guidelines below and experiment with different foods and timings – but avoid adding fruit or carb-dense vegetables pre-workout. Post-workout, eat immediately and emphasize protein, and that’s the time to enjoy those carb-dense veggies.  



Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, and that includes when you’re on Whole30! 

When should I eat breakfast? It’s recommended to eat breakfast within an hour of waking up to help to keep stabilize hunger hormones and keep your metabolism on track.

What’s on your plate? Even though you might not be hungry first thing, it’s critical to make sure you are including protein, veggies, and healthy fat on your breakfast plate. As referenced in Whole30 Day by Day (a comprehensive guide to your Whole30 journey written by Co-Founder Melissa Hartwig), you should base your meal around 1-2 high quality, palm-sized protein sources and fill the rest with veggies (it’s ok to add a serving of fruit occasionally). Add healthy fats like olive oil, coconut or nut butter (1-2 thumb-sized portions), avocado (1/2 to 1 whole), or coconut milk (1/4 to 1/2 can) for satiety, so you can make it to your next meal without a snack. 

If you’re typically not hungry in the mornings, try drinking coffee after eating your meal – coffee can sometimes suppress your appetite. It can also be helpful to get started with mini-meals, and then work your way into a larger breakfast strategy throughout the month. 

Thinking of skipping? If you skip breakfast, this may alter your hormonal rhythm and daily eating patterns – which can cause you to have cravings later in the day. Break the cycle by cutting out any midnight snacking and opting for a whole food-based breakfast each day instead.

How can I prepare ahead? No time to make breakfast in the morning? That’s where meal prep comes in! Do yourself a favor and stock your freezer and refrigerator with pre-made options so that you have no excuse to not start your day with a healthy, hearty Whole30 meal. Not sure where to start? Check out these tips and tricks from Registered Dietician and meal prep expert Tracey Grant in the ZÜPA NOMA x @WholeDailyLife Guide to Whole30 Meal Prep

No time for meal prep? No worries! No one’s prepared all the time, and ZÜPA NOMA makes eating Whole30 on-the-go super easy and convenient with Superfood Soups and Veggie Shots. We’ve got your veggie bases covered, and our new drinkable collagen flavors, like Kale Avocado with Collagen, also have 10 grams of protein from grass-fed collagen peptides blended right in.  





To all those coffee lovers who are deathly afraid of giving up their morning cup of joe during a Whole30, we’ve got your back! There are plenty of ways to get your Whole30 compliant coffee or tea fix, thanks to some amazing creamers, oils, and non-dairy milk options. Get some of our favorite morning beverages recipes from Whole30 experts including Michelle Smith @thewholesmiths, Lauren Paige @lpfedme, Melissa Herbst @melissasfoodfreeom, and Jacob Heath @jacoblhealth in the full Whole30 Morning Routine Guide by ZÜPA NOMA.


Keeping a daily journal is an incredibly powerful habit. Similar to meditation, writing down goals, milestones, or even memorable moments from the previous day will help you to become more present in your everyday life. While on Whole30, Whole30 Day by Day is an amazing resource. It guides you through each day and explores what you might expect to feel and experience, provides motivation and inspiration, shares Whole30 tips, and provides space for you to journal daily – right in the book itself.





The Whole30 Morning Routine Guide by ZÜPA NOMA includes tips, tricks, hacks, and insights from eight of our favorite Whole30 Certified Coaches, social influencers, and other experts. You’ll learn their most important habits, the drinks and products that make their mornings special, and their favorite ways to make eating a Whole30 breakfast on-the-go a breeze. And best of all, you’ll hear eight different perspectives on Whole30 – setting you up for success in developing a Whole30 morning routine that works best for YOU.