Medlie is a proud partner of the Whole30 program and all of our products are Whole30 Approved®. Our goal is to help you stay on track with tasty, vegetable-packed options — even when you're on-the-go. Sip Medlie straight from the bottle for veggies at breakfast, pair it with a protein snack in the afternoon, or use it in a Whole30 compliant recipe for dinner.




It's a 30-day reset for your health, habits, and relationship with food. The Whole30 emphasizes that eating wholesome, nutrient-dense, clean foods — while eliminating certain problematic food groups — can fundamentally change the way you eat forever!

On the Whole30 program, you'll exclude foods that can have a negative impact on your digestive system, metabolism, and immunity, and those that can cause unhealthy cravings and habits. This includes sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, soy, and dairy.

So what do you eat on Whole30? Moderate portions of meat, seafood, and eggs; lots of vegetables; some fruit; plenty of healthy fats; and herbs, spices, and seasonings. Focus on foods with simple, easily pronounceable ingredients – and go for whole foods whenever possible!





In May 2018, we took our relationship with Whole30 to the next level by launching Kale Avocado with Collagen — our first flavor with added protein power in the form of grass-fed collagen peptides. It’s a better (and Whole30 compliant!) version of your green smoothie, without all the sugar, which makes it a truly game-changing grab and go option. You can learn more about all its benefits here.

This flavor was specifically inspired by, and created for, the Whole30 community! You better believe we noticed the countless Instagram posts you tagged us in with your Veggie Drink and collagen packet of choice — so we teamed up with Whole30 to do the work for you, no more mixing or shaking required!

We are so honored to partner with Whole30 and be a small part of encouraging this community’s amazing mission and continued growth. In the words of Whole30 Co-Founder Melissa Hartwig:

“Throughout the years, we’ve had other opportunities to co-brand products with the Whole30 logo. We’ve ultimately passed, because I never felt like those opportunities were just right for Whole30 or for our community. We ask ourselves a lot of questions before entering into any partnership. Does this project add value to the community? Does it make your Whole30 easier, tastier, healthier, more accessible? Is the partner just as supportive of our community as we are of them? Our partnership with Medlie is a big fat “YES” to all of these questions.”


These delicious Whole30 recipes will help you stay on track:

Whole30 Blackened Salmon Burgers with Tomato Gazpacho Spread
Seasonal Vegetable Salad with Beet Orange Basil Dressing
Yellow Pepper Turmeric Whole30 Shredded Beef Tacos